Winter in Daffodil Township

I don’t know about you, but I had a wonderful holiday season here in Daffodil Township! One event I truly missed though was the number of carolers that walked the streets of our town. I remember when I was a young girl we used to hear carolers two or three nights out of the week. It is something I would like to address. We have a friendly little town filled with talented people and I see no reason we can’t bring back the caroling tradition Daffodil Township style! I will keep you posted.

Snowy blanket on a cedar.

Snowy blanket on a cedar.

Winter has already brought us several beautiful snowfalls along with some very, very low temperatures. During one of our warmer snowfalls I took a long walk through Cobb Creek Wilderness Area. The quiet beauty was entrancing! I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of one of our native red cedar trees with a heavy blanket of snow.

A quick warning and word to the wise: NEVER assume Lake Lottawata or any body of water is frozen solid enough to support you! Always check with the proper authorities for ice depth and stability.

Enjoy the winter…spring is just around the corner!