Enchanted Forest?


Have you ever thought that Daffodil Township is nestled in the middle of an Enchanted Forest? Maybe we are! The other morning during a peaceful walk through the park, as the birds singing and a breeze rustled through the new leaves, I stopped to admire a huge swath of woodland wildflowers and looked up to see this:

Deer in the Daffodils

Deer in the Daffodils


More Daffodil Exchange!

dickcissel daffodil

Beautiful Dickcissel daffodil

Isn’t it beautiful?

The lovely Kate Wright sent me this photo and a note about how she simply “adores” her new daffodils that she received at last fall’s Night of Narcissus Daffodil Exchange. She is “amazed” that these beauties have two or three flowers per stem and “admires the artistry” of Mother Nature. If anyone should know artistry it is Kate Wright! A transplant from Texas, Kate is our resident artist here in Daffodil Township. Maybe she will someday paint this beautiful Dickcissel daffodil (for those interested, it is a Division VII: Jonquilla Daffodil) Thank you, Kate, for sharing your good fortune in obtaining such a beautiful late-bloomer in the Exchange!

Spring Abounds In Daffodil Township

This time of year everyone’s garden seems to be bursting into bloom. Of course we all have daffodils … can we truly be considered a Daffodilian if we don’t have daffodils blooming now? (That reminds me of the saying that was going around the township a few years ago: “Friends don’t let friends have a garden without daffodils!” Remember that joke? 🙂 ) Anyway, I decided to focus today’s picture on something other than one of our beautiful namesake flowers.  As I strolled around Daffodil Township Park I caught a whiff of it … viburnum carlesii – or Korean Spice Viburnum. One of the most fragrant shrubs imaginable. So I made an executive decision and snapped a few close-up shots of some blooms. If you haven’t done so already, head over to the park for a whiff! It’s out-of-this-world!

korean spice bush

Korean Spice Viburnum (viburnum carlesii) blooming in Daffodil Township Park.

The Daffodil Walk

Last Saturday was a perfect day for the Daffodil Township Daffodil Walk! While most of the folks out and about town were Daffodilians, I did see some new faces around town. It is wonderful to know that others are enjoying our beautiful blooms! Here are a few photos from the weekend:

ice follies

Ice Follies in the park.

yellow daffodils

Yellow daffodils are like sunshine smiles….


Beautiful daffodils



Daffodils Bloom!

After a long, hard winter Daffodilians are beginning to see our blooms! Even the earliest bloomers were a bit late this spring. But never fear…they’re back. Yesterday morning’s walk found me leaving Main Street and strolling down Chickadee Lane. What a lovely day.

While lots of yards and gardens had daffodils beginning to pop up, it wasn’t until I got close to Mrs. Serilda Rain Smith’s bungalow that I saw actual blooms!

daffodils bloom

Daffodils blooming in front of Mrs. Serilda Rain Smith’s home.

It feels like spring is finally here. Enjoy! 🙂

Rains in the Township!

flood waters of cobb creek

Flood waters of Cobb Creek.

Do NOT enter flood waters. Ever!

Daffodilians grow up hearing about the Tragedy of Cobb Creek … it is one of the “warning stories” of Daffodil Township and we can all recite the names and dates of that fateful spring. So please … heed the warnings!

I drove out to Cobb Creek this morning to check on conditions – the roar of the water was deafening. Quite frightening. I snapped a couple of quick pictures before heading back to the security of my car and driving home. Be safe!

high water at Cobb Creek

High water at Cobb Creek.