Back to School!

As all our kiddos start back to school, Daffodilians are aware of our need to be ever-watchful and protect the safety of our young citizens. Something I want to remind everyone about, though, is the need to be extra careful with your pets and those of our friends and neighbors. As the students head back to school pets may follow their young charges or they may dash excitedly to greet children on their treks to the schoolhouse. Please be aware of this added danger so we can all begin the school year happy, healthy, and safe!

Happy School Days! 🙂


Rain! (Finally….)

Rain drops hit deck boards

Rain drops hit deck boards

If you’re anything like me you’ve been wondering if we’re going to see rain before the Autumnal Equinox. Well…here it is!

Why is it that we seem to fear getting wet in the rain? Do you remember running around in the rain as a child? I do. We would dance and jump – what a wonderful, free feeling. We created several games to play in the rain. In one, the designated counter (“it” I suppose) would count aloud the raindrops falling into a puddle and at some point would yell “Jump!” ~ at which point we would all jump and then turn and run from the puddle the number of steps “it” had counted. That was all! When we got to the number we all stopped and turned around, looked at each other and laughed. I have no idea why we had such fun with that made-up game, but we did!

Do you have a great rainy day memory? What do you like to do on rainy days now?

Enjoy your day!