Preserving the Bounty

Most Daffodilians know Petronella Smith by her nickname “Pickles” and a trip to her home quickly shows you how she came by that nickname.

But let me back up….

Some of the pickled good put up this year.

Some of the pickled goods that Pickles put up this year.

Last weekend I ran into Pickles at The Book House and she suggested that sometime this week I should stop by her home on my evening stroll. Well, I did. And what a visit I had with this talented lady! First, I was treated to a snack fresh from her garden and then she gave me a peak into her pantry. What a beautiful sight! Pickles loves to pickle and it shows! Her favorite is, well, pickles, but she enjoys pickling other veggies as well. Generous spirit that she is, Pickles sent me home with several jars of goodies. Thanks, Pickles!