A Walk in the Park

Everyone who knows me and is familiar with all the exciting happenings around Daffodil Township KNOWS that I am chomping at the bit to be able to talk about what is happening here in our little hamlet! But I can’t! Not quite yet. Soon, though. I promise!


Beautiful acorns!

Meanwhile…to calm myself and to stay in tune with our incredibly beautiful autumn, I took a much-needed walk in the park yesterday. Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park is beautiful any time of year, but I think autumn is my favorite time of year in that park. Maybe it is the lovely drive down Sweetgum Lane into there park…whatever it is, I love it!

Yesterday it seemed as if every squirrel in the park was rushing to put away food for the winter. They sort of reminded me of Petronella “Pickles” Smith and her preserved bounty! I couldn’t help but take a quick photo of some of the acorns the squirrels were rushing to pack away for winter.

I should be able to “spill the beans” about our happenings about town very soon! Stay posted to find out more about the excitement brewing in Daffodil Township! Until then, get outside and enjoy our beautiful autumn! We’ve been blessed with amazing weather and beautiful colors this year.

Life in Daffodil Township is grand!