Rainy Daze!

So far we’ve had another wet summer, haven’t we? And all this rain (and more rain ~ and even more rain!) is giving folks a few headaches…seems like we’re in a bit of a DAZE!

With all the creeks and streams around the Township running high, please remember: NEVER drive into water over a road. NEVER wade into a flooded waterway. The current can be much swifter than it looks!

Waterways are flooding around Daffodil Township

Waterways are flooding around Daffodil Township

Be safe!

AND – keep your fingers crossed for bright and sunny weather for the Summer Solstice Celebration this Sunday! Check the Daffodil Gazette for details!


Welcome to Missouri Heat & Humidity!

But we Daffodilians have never let anything stop us yet and we’re not about to start now!

Beautiful columbine

Beautiful columbine

So put on your sunscreen and get out and about in town! I’ll write about some of our upcoming events soon, but right now I want to let you in on a little news:

We’re going to have some guest bloggers on our Daffodil Township website! I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and discussed the possibility with the Township Council and they agree. So if you have ideas about what you would enjoy reading about in Daffodil Township or someone you would like to hear from directly, let me know! We’re still in the planning stages, but right now we’re thinking maybe some specific ideas about gardening and and history and books and maybe some baking and cooking ideas. What do YOU think?

Meanwhile ~ back to my garden!

PS – Be sure to stay hydrated out there, folks!