‘Night of Narcissus’

 History of the Night of Narcissus Celebration

The Night of Narcissus Celebration started as an almost spontaneous evening of merriment. It was autumn, 1942 and the founding father of Daffodil Township, Earl Delaney Smith, was home for a brief visit before being shipped overseas. While many Daffodilians questioned why, at 37, Earl had enlisted, they were still grateful and inspired.

Wanting to thank Earl for all he had done for Daffodil Township, the residents threw him a party to honor his service to the township and the country. Since it was autumn, many residents brought daffodil bulbs to share with their neighbors. In a moment of playfulness, Earl’s high school history teacher, Mrs. Melissa Wright, “crowned” Earl as “the newest Daffodil Dandy.”

The Night of Narcissus Celebration Today

The Night of Narcissus Celebration continues today as a small town gathering of friends and neighbors. Now held on an autumn afternoon, food and fun are in abundance, with such activities as checkers, bubble-blowing (not gum!) and the crowning of the Daffodil Dandy.

A recent addition to the celebration (1973) is the annual Cupcake Competition.

Residents still exchange daffodil bulbs and children look forward to the following morning when they wake up to a basket of bulbs of their own, left to them by the Daffodil Dandy.