Early History of The Settlement (History-Part 1)

Once upon a time there were many SMITHS that settled in the area now known as Daffodil Township, Missouri, USA:

Blacksmiths, tinsmiths, silversmiths, goldsmiths, locksmiths, gunsmiths, bladesmiths….

There were also many WRIGHTS that settled here:

Boatwrights, wheelwrights, cartwrights, millwrights…even a playwright, but no one really talks about her.

Because of the close proximity to the Missouri River as well as smaller tributaries, The Settlement, as it was known in the early years, grew into a stable community. Visitors came from far and near – travelers in trouble could always count on the good people of The Settlement to lend a hand, fix a wheel, patch a boat, or fashion a new yoke.

As the population grew, tensions mounted. Rumors turned into beliefs as assumptions became prejudices. While the cause of the conflict remains unclear and is still under investigation by local historians and the AVAST, by 1869 the citizens of The Settlement had chosen sides. Tensions became an all-out feud as the citizens split The Settlement into two camps: Wright Station and Smithville.

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