Unification (History-Part 4)

When the stock market crashed in 1929 the residents of Smithville and Wright Station weren’t initially worried. They were independent. Their money was not held in East Coast corporations. They were self-sufficient. They invested in land and tools, not stocks. But as the weeks and months wore on, the problems of the nation visited the area. As work dried up and the Depression threatened the well-being of all the good people of the communities, a young man named Earl Delaney Smith brought town fathers and mothers together. He declared that there was “strength in numbers” and so the good people decided to discuss the matter. After much debate the town fathers and mothers decided to unify the towns.

Although there was a great deal of relief over the idea of unifying, one question remained: How to combine the names of the two towns into one? Smight Station? Writheville? Residents of both communities were ready to move forward together, but they also wanted to honor the heritage of their ancestors. Once again, Earl D. Smith was ready with a fresh idea: ¬†Why not give the unified community a NEW name? One that embraced the history of both Wright Station and Smithville. After more discussion the community voted unanimously on the name Daffodil Township, reflecting the way in which both towns literally grew together through the blossoms of springtime….

Earl Delaney Smith (born April 22, 1905) was elected the first mayor of Daffodil Township. He served in that office until 1965.

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