Blue Moon Jubilee!


Vintage tablecloths at Vintage Violet

Are you as excited as I am about Friday’s Blue Moon Jubilee? Businesses will reopen at 9:00PM and stay open until midnight! I stopped by Daffodil Baking Company this afternoon and Richard was very secretive about his Blue Moon Specials he’s baking up for everyone! And Lauralee promised some great sales over at Vintage Violet.

And the Pickle Party…? How fun is THAT going to be? If you have canned some pickles you want to share at the tasting, be sure to contact me before Friday morning so we can be sure to have enough tables set up.

Of course we’ll have some good old-fashioned competitions, too. Did I hear someone say “Bubbles?” 🙂 Our reigning champ, John Smith, might have some competition. I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of our younger Daffodilians have been practicing their bubble-blowing techniques.

Check in tomorrow’s Gazette for more details about who will be set up where. See you Friday night!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

Wow! Was that an amazing Independence Day Celebration at Lake Lottawata? What fun! I think there were probably a tired bunch of kiddos crawling into bed a bit late on July 4th. What fun we all had. And it was exciting for me to get to talk with some visitors from around the state! One couple from St. Louis who was staying at Maisson Narcisse told me that she had never been to Daffodil Township before but this certainly would not be her last visit! She was quite emphatic about that! I told her about some of our celebrations and fun times coming up and she was especially interested in the Coffee & Clues Weekend sponsored by The Book House.

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

In other news … we’re going to have a new shop opening soonish! I don’t want to giveaway too much, but it should be a hit! I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. Be careful of rising waters in all the streams, creeks, and rivers. It gets very dangerous very quickly. When in doubt, be safe!

I hope you’re looking forward to our guest bloggers. We’re finalizing the line-up and it has a little something for everyone. Look for the first guess bloggers nearer to the end of July.


Happy Independence Day!

What a great start to my morning! I stopped by Daffodil Baking Company for a “Red, White, & Blue Breakfast” – oh, my was it yummy! American grown everything! From the wheat that made the flour to the blueberries in the muffins, the delicious local strawberries, and the beautiful blue Fiestaware dishes Richard used this morning to serve customers. Hooray for the USA! 🙂

I hope to see many of you out at Lake Lottawata this afternoon and evening. I know the Daffodillies have been practicing non-stop whenever the weather has permitted and since I popped in on one of their practices, I can tell you – the show this evening will be amazing!

And I am SO excited for the fireworks tonight! Be sure to stay for the Grand Finale!

Be safe, be aware – and don’t forget your sunscreen! Happy Independence Day!!

A patriotic breakfast from Daffodil Baking Company

A patriotic breakfast from Daffodil Baking Company

Happy Pi Day!

A Paula Smith homemade pumpkin pie!

A Paula Smith homemade pumpkin pie!

Happy Pi Day, Everyone! This pumpkin pie is one of my own creations from a couple years ago – I haven’t gotten down to Daffodil Baking Company yet today. But don’t forget! Richard has been baking up pies for a couple days – he took orders but promised he was making some additional pies for “Drop-in Pi Day Celebrants.”

He told me he should have some apple and pecan and buttermilk pies today. AND he’s selling slices of pies today only! Mmm. What a great way to spend a spring day!


How Thankful Am I? Very!

What a wonderful town we live in! This morning I went out to the lake for a lovely walk…if you haven’t been outdoors yet today, you’re in for a treat! It’s lovely…with a promise of more warmth tomorrow. The lake was beautiful and peaceful and I was once again reminded how grateful I am to live in such a wonderful and caring community.

A peaceful walk by Lake Lottawata is the perfect way to begin the day.

A peaceful walk by Lake Lottawata is the perfect way to begin the day.

Then (of course!) I headed over to The Book House for Coffee & Clues. I’ve been reading the novel and have been completely charmed by the characters. My clue this morning was a bit “odd” to say the least…but the coffee was fragrant and delicious. I’ll go back over later today, but first I’m expecting friends for a quick bite of lunch. I found a delicious way to utilize leftovers ~ turkey pot pie! Doesn’t it look yummy?

Turkey pot pie and homemade cranberries - a perfect "day after Thanksgiving" lunch!

Turkey pot pie and homemade cranberries – a perfect “day after Thanksgiving” lunch!

Independence Day Fun!


It was fun seeing all the children waving their flags! Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

What a wonderful time I had visiting with Daffodilians and out-of-towners at the Daffodil Township Independence Day Celebration! From morning until night everyone was engaged in fun activities and interesting conversations. Some families used this holiday weekend as an opportunity for a reunion and it’s always heartwarming to see families reunited in one of Daffodil Township’s most cherished traditions!

I ran into a former classmate who was here for a family reunion. Do you remember Rayette Wright? We went through school together and she went to college out-of-state and now lives with her husband and three girls in Chicago. What a delight to be able to catch up with her! She told me how she often misses the small town atmosphere and was very excited to return for her family reunion. Her girls were intrigued by all levels of performers in the Synchronized Swim Club.

Throughout the day, many picnickers asked me about our town’s status as FINALISTS being considered for the documentary on “Small Town, U.S.A.” I don’t know any more than other Daffodilians, but if I hear anything, I’ll be sure to spread the word! Everyone seemed very excited about the possibility.

As the day passed into night, we all enjoyed the beautiful performance of The Daffodillies. It is such a stirring tribute to celebrate our freedom and our great nation.

I am so pleased to announce there were NO accidents or injuries the entire day! And Park Board member Tanner Smith told me that most everyone cleaned up after themselves, using the trash and recycle containers.

I hope you all enjoyed Independence Day as much as I did!