Remember when I wrote about having some guest bloggers in this column? As Acting Mayor I am not the only voice of Daffodil Township and today you are in for a treat! Introducing:


A vibrant voice for young Daffodilians, Daffigurl has started … well, I’m going to let her tell you! Take it away, Daffigurl! 



Hey there!

If you keep up with the Daffodil Gazette (of course you would, why wouldn’t you?) then you might have read a recent letter to Dear Daffi from Daffigurl. That would be me. And after that reassuring response, I have decided that will totes always be me. Whether I stay in the Township or move to the most extravagant and exotic places (like St. Louis or Kansas City), I will always be a Daffodilian.

But my heart (and my millennial savings account) demands I pursue the adventure of living at home and creating my own opportunities. Perhaps my Internet peeps (and you!) can learn a thing or two about what makes Daffodil Township so amazing! Which is why I have decided to start my own Instagram account. Finally! And no, Instagram is not an app that magically gives you a grandmother instantly. Although… that wouldn’t be bad like at all. If all grandmas were like mine, I wouldn’t mind having a few extras.

Anyway! Instagram is a picture sharing site and I plan to use it by letting you share in the experience of ‘sightseeing’ my hometown. So be sure to follow daffigurl13 on instagram! It’s gonna be lit! Upcoming things I hope to share include the Blue Moon Jubilee, a little of D.D.T. (Downtown Daffodil Township), and… I hear there’s a newly discovered haunted cave nearby???