If you’re like me, this cooler weather isn’t quite the harbinger of summer I’ve been hoping for. None the less, I found a silver lining when I dropped in on Richard at the Daffodil Baking Company.

He has artisan marshmallows!

Richard told me that it doesn’t have to be autumn to roast marshmallows and he said that he “simply cannot abide the store-bought, mass-produced schlock that pass for marshmallows.”

Artisan Marshmallows from Daffodil Baking Company

Artisan Marshmallows from Daffodil Baking Company

But it’s Richard, so I thought maybe there might be a teensy bit of exaggeration in his statement – you know how he gets when talking about the quality ingredients for his baked good, right? But then I tasted them! Wow! There is definitely a richness to the artisan marshmallows that I haven’t tasted in the mass-produced ones.

So … as long as it doesn’t rain this evening, I’m planning on a fire in my chiminea and then I’ll roast some delectable marshmallows!

BTW: Richard says he won’t be carrying the artisan marshmallows all summer, but he will bring them back this fall in time for “bonfire weather.”


PS – Many thanks to everyone for your patience as all of us Daffodilians continue to regain our footing!

Blue Moon Jubilee!


Vintage tablecloths at Vintage Violet

Are you as excited as I am about Friday’s Blue Moon Jubilee? Businesses will reopen at 9:00PM and stay open until midnight! I stopped by Daffodil Baking Company this afternoon and Richard was very secretive about his Blue Moon Specials he’s baking up for everyone! And Lauralee promised some great sales over at Vintage Violet.

And the Pickle Party…? How fun is THAT going to be? If you have canned some pickles you want to share at the tasting, be sure to contact me before Friday morning so we can be sure to have enough tables set up.

Of course we’ll have some good old-fashioned competitions, too. Did I hear someone say “Bubbles?” 🙂 Our reigning champ, John Smith, might have some competition. I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of our younger Daffodilians have been practicing their bubble-blowing techniques.

Check in tomorrow’s Gazette for more details about who will be set up where. See you Friday night!


Welcome to Missouri Heat & Humidity!

But we Daffodilians have never let anything stop us yet and we’re not about to start now!

Beautiful columbine

Beautiful columbine

So put on your sunscreen and get out and about in town! I’ll write about some of our upcoming events soon, but right now I want to let you in on a little news:

We’re going to have some guest bloggers on our Daffodil Township website! I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and discussed the possibility with the Township Council and they agree. So if you have ideas about what you would enjoy reading about in Daffodil Township or someone you would like to hear from directly, let me know! We’re still in the planning stages, but right now we’re thinking maybe some specific ideas about gardening and and history and books and maybe some baking and cooking ideas. What do YOU think?

Meanwhile ~ back to my garden!

PS – Be sure to stay hydrated out there, folks!

Our Big News…Finally!!

For those of you who may have missed our news…last June we found out that Daffodil Township was among a group of small towns that were finalists to be the subject of a documentary about “Small Town, USA” – AND we found out in early fall that we ARE the subjects!

What does all this mean? Filmmakers have been in town off and on since early last fall – it’s been a wonderful experience for Daffodil Township – but we’ve had to keep some of our local news a bit quiet. The filmmakers don’t want to spoil some surprises that might be in the documentary!

To see the original announcement of our “Finalist” position, you can watch the Public Forum from last summer when I announced it (at the end of the meeting.)

Many thanks to all Daffodilians for your patience!

Happy Pi Day!

A Paula Smith homemade pumpkin pie!

A Paula Smith homemade pumpkin pie!

Happy Pi Day, Everyone! This pumpkin pie is one of my own creations from a couple years ago – I haven’t gotten down to Daffodil Baking Company yet today. But don’t forget! Richard has been baking up pies for a couple days – he took orders but promised he was making some additional pies for “Drop-in Pi Day Celebrants.”

He told me he should have some apple and pecan and buttermilk pies today. AND he’s selling slices of pies today only! Mmm. What a great way to spend a spring day!


A Fond Remembrance


Lovely Memorial Garden tri-beech tree for Everett “Clipper” Smith (1910-2011)

Four years ago when Everett “Clipper” Smith passed away, his family chose a Garden Memorial for him ~ but they couldn’t quite decide on the right tree or shrub. Then last year his daughter, Ida Belle, decided on just the right tree: a Tri-Color Beech. While his memory plaque has been in the Memorial Garden since his passing, last spring we planted his beautiful tree. With spring-like weather finally returning to the Township, I am looking forward to the beautiful blooms and blossoms all over town … as well as in the Memorial Garden.

Ida Belle told me she hopes that lots of Daffodilians find their way to the Memorial Garden and take a minute to admire the tree as it leafs out this spring. “Dad always liked to be the center of attention!” she told me. If you knew Clipper, you know Ida Belle is right!

For more about our Garden Plan at Smith & Smith Funeral Services, please visit The Garden Plan under “Services” on the DDT’s website.

A Walk Down Memory Lane….

If you haven’t been by Lauralee’s new shop, Vintage Violet, you really should stop by! One thing that amazes me is how Lauralee has been able to remind us that vintage items aren’t only decorating, they are relevant to our everyday lives: useful and beautiful, made with quality workmanship and materials.

My latest trip to Vintage Violet made me stop and think about how in days gone by people designed and built products to last. It often seems in our drive-through, must-have-it-right-now, throwaway society we sometimes we forget about the importance of such quality. I’m as guilty as the next person about purchasing disposable leftover containers or overusing plastic bags and paper towels, but as I was perusing the shop I remembered how John Smith is always reminding us how small changes in our habits can make a big impact on helping our environment and our selves. Giving new life to vintage goods adds quality to our lives several ways. We’re keeping “old stuff” out of landfills, we’re saying “yes” to caring for our environment, and we’re maintaining a healthy connection to our past.

And as I was getting ready to make my purchase who should walk in the door? John Smith! I told him that I had been hearing his voice…he was like the little angel sitting on my shoulder encouraging me to do something good for Mother Nature. Of course you know John, right? He told me he doesn’t think he’s ever been accused of being an “angel on a shoulder” before! 🙂

Yes, sometimes vintage items take a little more care. I’m not going to wash my lovely new-to-me dishes in the dishwasher! But I like the feel of connecting. When I use these covered dishes and wash them by hand, I’m making the time to connect: with our past and with my self.

vintage pyrex ovenware

Vintage Pyrex ovenware ~ these three match a single dish I already had! What a lucky find! 


Happy New Year!

So much has been happening around town, not the least of which is getting sick. That was a bad bug I picked up! All better now ~ many thanks to the kind folks around town who helped me out. You proved what I’m always saying…Daffodilians create a wonderful community! 🙂

As I’m getting into the groove of 2015 I wanted to share a couple photos I snapped of some of our frolicsome squirrels! Aren’t they adorable?

A frolicsome squirrel in the snow.

A frolicsome squirrel in the snow.

A squirrel nibbles on an acorn.

A squirrel nibbles on an acorn.

Grey Skies!

Is anyone else in Daffodil Township tired of grey skies? I’m hoping we get a little sun peaking through later today or tomorrow! Meanwhile, I decided to head down to Daffodil Baking Company to see what Richard is pulling out of his ovens…and was I wonderfully surprised!


Snickerdoodles from Daffodil Baking Company ~ Uncle Fletch's Special Snickerdoodle Recipe

Snickerdoodles from Daffodil Baking Company ~ Uncle Fletch’s Special Snickerdoodle Recipe

What a great way to brush away the clouds. Snickerdoodles always remind me of good times spent with Uncle Fletch. I’m sure many of you remember Uncle Fletch, don’t you? Fletcher C. Wright returned home to Daffodil Township after living “away” for a number of years. He was kind and generous and always willing to reach out and help someone in need. While he never talked about his time living away from Daffodil Township, all of us youngsters enjoyed making up “possibles” ~ as in: “It’s POSSIBLE he was away at war.” Or: “It’s POSSIBLE he was in prison.” Or: “It’s POSSIBLE he was on the run from the Mob!”

Even though he was really no one’s uncle by blood (that we know of) – we all called him Uncle Fletch – and one of things he enjoyed doing the most was baking cookies. And his favorite? Snickerdoodles. He always told us he couldn’t possibly eat all the snickerdoodles he baked and so he needed to share them with us. In fact, he always told us we were doing him a favor by helping him eat the snickerdoodles!

Richard uses Uncle Fletch’s recipe. What great memories.

How Thankful Am I? Very!

What a wonderful town we live in! This morning I went out to the lake for a lovely walk…if you haven’t been outdoors yet today, you’re in for a treat! It’s lovely…with a promise of more warmth tomorrow. The lake was beautiful and peaceful and I was once again reminded how grateful I am to live in such a wonderful and caring community.

A peaceful walk by Lake Lottawata is the perfect way to begin the day.

A peaceful walk by Lake Lottawata is the perfect way to begin the day.

Then (of course!) I headed over to The Book House for Coffee & Clues. I’ve been reading the novel and have been completely charmed by the characters. My clue this morning was a bit “odd” to say the least…but the coffee was fragrant and delicious. I’ll go back over later today, but first I’m expecting friends for a quick bite of lunch. I found a delicious way to utilize leftovers ~ turkey pot pie! Doesn’t it look yummy?

Turkey pot pie and homemade cranberries - a perfect "day after Thanksgiving" lunch!

Turkey pot pie and homemade cranberries – a perfect “day after Thanksgiving” lunch!