If you are enjoying this beautiful day outside to get a jumpstart on your spring gardening chores, be careful! It’s a lovely day to be outside, but watch out for falling limbs if you are around trees! Grandma didn’t call those old dead limbs “widow makers” for no reason!

While I was out for a walk earlier, I saw Pops and Betty Wright working in their front gardens and they were transplanting daffodils. As we all know, autumn is the “real” time to plant daffodil bulbs, but, like many Daffodilians, Pops and Betty like to dig up some of their crowded daffodil clumps and divide them while they can see where their other daffodils are planted. Betty told me that each of the clumps the Pops has dug up today had no fewer than 37 smaller bulbs and they transplanted them all! Of course most of them won’t bloom this year, but they will in the future!

Enjoy the day! I’ve been talking with the Park Board so as we estimate the bloom times of the daffodils in the Township, we’ll have a better idea when our Daffodil Walks will be scheduled this spring. 🙂

Daffodils are popping up around the Township!

Daffodils are popping up around the Township!


I’m Back….

Light snow on a tree....

Light snow on a tree….

I wasn’t literally away – well, yes, for a bit I was out of town, but then…well, suffice it to say that our little Township has been “on the quiet” for a bit. Things are happening, but as a community we sort of decided to keep to ourselves for a bit. I’ll be checking in at the Gazette later today to see if anyone down there is going to resume online publishing soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile…are you keeping warm? Our outrageously warm December has turned into a fairly cold January! Don’t try the lake ice yet, though! I have it on good authority it is NOT frozen!

Fresh apple pie

Fresh apple pie

So how are you spending these cold days and nights? In front of a crackling fire? Curled up with a good book? Baking? Feeding and watching the birds? I’ve been doing a little of it all….

Now that “I’m back,” I’ll keep in better touch. Meanwhile, keep on reading and baking and watching the beautiful birds and other wildlife around our little Township!

Beautiful bird!

Beautiful bird!

Caring Corners

It’s me, again! I’m back. I’ve been traveling a bit this past month – in and out of town – so I’ve been a bit negligent in keeping up with the goings-on in our little Township.



This evening, though, I want to give a shout-out to all the wonderful Daffodilians who help maintain our town through the Caring Corners program. These individuals and businesses and families volunteer time and energy to maintain beautiful corners and roadways all throughout the year. As summer winds down, there are still flowers blooming – thanks in a large part to the initiative to incorporate native grasses and wildflowers into many of the Caring Corners.

Don’t forget to check the calendar for the many upcoming autumn events around the Township!

But for now…enjoy the beauty of a few of our Caring Corners…brought to you by some amazing Daffodilians!


A native Caring Corner on Route DT just outside of town.


Beautiful floral display at the corner of Redbud Lane and Dogwood Drive.

Out-of-Township Project

As summer winds down, everyone around town is busy, busy, busy! Kiddos are getting ready to head back to school ~ summer visitors to the Township are packing up their memories and making plans to visit again ~ hikers, bicyclists, and swimmers are enjoying muddling through the lingering heat and humidity of August ~ shoppers are discovering some of the treasures in our little shops in the township.


Well, gardeners are busy freezing, canning, and drying their produce.

It’s about this time of year that I casually “drop by” to see Petronella “Pickles” Smith ~ because everyone knows you can’t leave her home without a jar of her amazing pickles!

The savory goodness of the pickles of Petronella "Pickles" Smith!

The savory goodness of the pickles of Petronella “Pickles” Smith!

This year I was in for a surprise. Pickles had an out-of-township friend visiting (not TOO far out of the township…just Columbia!) and was I in for a treat! Laura Flacks-Narroll (Pickles’s friend) is on a mission to save a tomato. And not just ANY tomato, this is the Ivan tomato. Laura discovered this tomato at a bluegrass festival and has been growing it ever since.

Laura Flacks-Narroll, friend of Petronella Smith, seems to be a Daffodilian at heart. Here she is with a basket of Ivan tomatoes for her friend Petronella.

Laura Flacks-Narroll, friend of Petronella Smith, seems to be a Daffodilian at heart. Here she is with a basket of Ivan tomatoes for her friend Petronella.

But the seeds for this amazing tomato haven’t been available commercially for at least a few years now. There is SO much more to this amazing story, but the bottom line is that Laura is on a mission to save this tomato so everyone can enjoy the bounty of this delicious variety. She has teamed up with a couple friends and together they are creating The Ivan Tomato Rescue Project through their group, Victory Gardeners. The good folks at Victory Gardeners believe in biodiversity in our food as well as the healing power of gardening. Doesn’t this all sound like a project Daffodilians would believe in and love?

I encourage folks to check it out. I’m sure in the future we will see Ivan tomatoes growing in a lot of Daffodil Township gardens!

The tantalizing Ivan tomato!

The tantalizing Ivan tomato!

Doesn't this Ivan tomato make your mouth water? :)

Doesn’t this Ivan tomato make your mouth water? 🙂


Welcome to Missouri Heat & Humidity!

But we Daffodilians have never let anything stop us yet and we’re not about to start now!

Beautiful columbine

Beautiful columbine

So put on your sunscreen and get out and about in town! I’ll write about some of our upcoming events soon, but right now I want to let you in on a little news:

We’re going to have some guest bloggers on our Daffodil Township website! I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and discussed the possibility with the Township Council and they agree. So if you have ideas about what you would enjoy reading about in Daffodil Township or someone you would like to hear from directly, let me know! We’re still in the planning stages, but right now we’re thinking maybe some specific ideas about gardening and and history and books and maybe some baking and cooking ideas. What do YOU think?

Meanwhile ~ back to my garden!

PS – Be sure to stay hydrated out there, folks!

Beautiful Weather

Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am enjoying the outdoors! As you may have seen in the Daffodil Gazette, most of our daffodils around the Township are finishing their blooms…with a few late daffs hanging on. However, the Park Board decided to stick to the posted schedule for the Daffodil Walks for the next two weekends so everyone can enjoy the other numerous blooming plants throughout town.

Our walks have been a huge success! So what is blooming now? Wildflowers! Lilacs! Tulips! And, yes…some daffodils!


Late blooming daffodils....

Late blooming daffodils….


Wonderful Walks!

We have had some absolutely beautiful Daffodil Walks this spring! We have had a marvelous turnout for every walk ~ what a wonderful time visiting with friends and neighbors as we enjoy the great outdoors. I just HAD to share some photos I took over the weekend on the Saturday walks. Enjoy!

Oh, and the Park Board will decide about the rest of the Daffodil Walks this spring. Please check the Daffodil Gazette for an update on the status of the rest of the walks for this spring.

Daffodils  with viburnum "Korean Spicebush" in Daffodil Township Park

Daffodils with viburnum “Korean Spicebush” in Daffodil Township Park

"Tahiti" daffodils on the Daffodil Walk....

“Tahiti” daffodils on the Daffodil Walk….

Daffodil in Daffodil the Memorial Gardens

Daffodil in Daffodil the Memorial Gardens

Daffodils, Daffodils, Daffodils!

Pink and white daffodils

Pink and white daffodils

Daffodils are everywhere these days, aren’t they? I hope you’re not sick of seeing them … or pictures of them … because I simply HAD to share some photos! As I was passing by Vintage Violet yesterday Lauralee called me in because she knew I didn’t have many pink daffodils growing in my gardens. Look what she gave me! Aren’t they gorgeous? I know this lovely bouquet includes one called Pink Charm, but I can’t remember some of the other names. Like many Daffodilians, Lauralee and Tanner order many of their new bulbs in bulk from Van Engelen, Inc. I was just perusing the website and found several I want to add to my wish list for the fall! Lauralee said she wants to try a pink split cup narcissus for next year ~ sounds beautiful!

Enjoy your day! Hope to see you at one or more of the Daffodil Walks! 🙂

Daffodil Walks

Ice Follies daffodil

Ice Follies daffodil

What beautiful Daffodil Walks we’ve been having in the Township! tomorrow should be another banner day for the walks! Our morning walk starts at Red Oak one block down from Main AND I am so pleased to be hosting Saturday’s park walk in the Memorial Gardens of Smith & Smith Funeral Services.

Many of you know that this business has been in my family for generations – and the Memorial Garden has been part of it since the beginning. It is a beautiful experience to walk among the memorials of our ancestors, knowing that we continue their traditions and carry their values with us.

The Park Walk begins at 9:30AM and the Residential Walk begins at 6:00PM. If you haven’t seen the daffodils in Daffodil Township yet you don’t know what you’re missing. They are stunning!

Happy Spring, Everyone!! 🙂

Daffodils in Daffodil Township

Daffodils in Daffodil Township

What’s Our Bloom Time…?

Are your daffodils getting closer to blooming? It is such an exciting time of year for us all, isn’t it? The weather is warming and we are counting down the weeks until our hillsides are in full bloom with the beautiful, tenacious little flower after which our Township was named.

Check back regularly ~ as we get closer to bloom time I will let you know when our Daffodil Township Daffodil Walks will be held.

The sun shines on daffodils peaking out of the ground.

The sun shines on daffodils peaking out of the ground.