Welcome to Missouri Heat & Humidity!

But we Daffodilians have never let anything stop us yet and we’re not about to start now!

Beautiful columbine

Beautiful columbine

So put on your sunscreen and get out and about in town! I’ll write about some of our upcoming events soon, but right now I want to let you in on a little news:

We’re going to have some guest bloggers on our Daffodil Township website! I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and discussed the possibility with the Township Council and they agree. So if you have ideas about what you would enjoy reading about in Daffodil Township or someone you would like to hear from directly, let me know! We’re still in the planning stages, but right now we’re thinking maybe some specific ideas about gardening and and history and books and maybe some baking and cooking ideas. What do YOU think?

Meanwhile ~ back to my garden!

PS – Be sure to stay hydrated out there, folks!

A Walk Down Memory Lane….

If you haven’t been by Lauralee’s new shop, Vintage Violet, you really should stop by! One thing that amazes me is how Lauralee has been able to remind us that vintage items aren’t only decorating, they are relevant to our everyday lives: useful and beautiful, made with quality workmanship and materials.

My latest trip to Vintage Violet made me stop and think about how in days gone by people designed and built products to last. It often seems in our drive-through, must-have-it-right-now, throwaway society we sometimes we forget about the importance of such quality. I’m as guilty as the next person about purchasing disposable leftover containers or overusing plastic bags and paper towels, but as I was perusing the shop I remembered how John Smith is always reminding us how small changes in our habits can make a big impact on helping our environment and our selves. Giving new life to vintage goods adds quality to our lives several ways. We’re keeping “old stuff” out of landfills, we’re saying “yes” to caring for our environment, and we’re maintaining a healthy connection to our past.

And as I was getting ready to make my purchase who should walk in the door? John Smith! I told him that I had been hearing his voice…he was like the little angel sitting on my shoulder encouraging me to do something good for Mother Nature. Of course you know John, right? He told me he doesn’t think he’s ever been accused of being an “angel on a shoulder” before! 🙂

Yes, sometimes vintage items take a little more care. I’m not going to wash my lovely new-to-me dishes in the dishwasher! But I like the feel of connecting. When I use these covered dishes and wash them by hand, I’m making the time to connect: with our past and with my self.

vintage pyrex ovenware

Vintage Pyrex ovenware ~ these three match a single dish I already had! What a lucky find!