Rainy Daze!

So far we’ve had another wet summer, haven’t we? And all this rain (and more rain ~ and even more rain!) is giving folks a few headaches…seems like we’re in a bit of a DAZE!

With all the creeks and streams around the Township running high, please remember: NEVER drive into water over a road. NEVER wade into a flooded waterway. The current can be much swifter than it looks!

Waterways are flooding around Daffodil Township

Waterways are flooding around Daffodil Township

Be safe!

AND – keep your fingers crossed for bright and sunny weather for the Summer Solstice Celebration this Sunday! Check the Daffodil Gazette for details!

Our Big News…Finally!!

For those of you who may have missed our news…last June we found out that Daffodil Township was among a group of small towns that were finalists to be the subject of a documentary about “Small Town, USA” – AND we found out in early fall that we ARE the subjects!

What does all this mean? Filmmakers have been in town off and on since early last fall – it’s been a wonderful experience for Daffodil Township – but we’ve had to keep some of our local news a bit quiet. The filmmakers don’t want to spoil some surprises that might be in the documentary!

To see the original announcement of our “Finalist” position, you can watch the Public Forum from last summer when I announced it (at the end of the meeting.)

Many thanks to all Daffodilians for your patience!

Public Forum a Success


The acting mayor is excited about our news!

What a wonderful FIRST EVER Daffodil Township Public Forum! We had a great turn-out and many thanks to Grandpa Harry’s BBQ Sauce for underwriting our program. A tip of the hat to Richard Wright for providing a plethora of cookies from Daffodil Baking Company!

As you may have heard, I made a BIG announcement at the meeting! One that everyone seemed very excited about and now that our Public Forum is airing on CAT-TV, we can go ahead and broadcast the news!

Daffodil Township, Missouri is a finalist as being the subject of a documentary about Smalltown USA! We are one of several towns being considered as the main subject on this interesting documentary.

I’m so excited! 🙂

Apparently the filmmakers were in town and we didn’t even know it! They haven’t told us exactly when they will be making their final decision, but ONE town will be the focus of the documentary. Don’t you hope it’s us?!