More Daffodil Exchange!

dickcissel daffodil

Beautiful Dickcissel daffodil

Isn’t it beautiful?

The lovely Kate Wright sent me this photo and a note about how she simply “adores” her new daffodils that she received at last fall’s Night of Narcissus Daffodil Exchange. She is “amazed” that these beauties have two or three flowers per stem and “admires the artistry” of Mother Nature. If anyone should know artistry it is Kate Wright! A transplant from Texas, Kate is our resident artist here in Daffodil Township. Maybe she will someday paint this beautiful Dickcissel daffodil (for those interested, it is a Division VII: Jonquilla Daffodil) Thank you, Kate, for sharing your good fortune in obtaining such a beautiful late-bloomer in the Exchange!

Daffodil Bulb Exchange

Each autumn during the Night of Narcissus Celebration, Daffodilians bring bulbs to exchange with others in the community. Additionally, the children of Daffodil Township are visited by the Daffodil Dandy and are left small baskets containing bulbs. In all cases – we plant them … not knowing what wonderful varieties will bloom in our yards, gardens, and meadows the following spring and in all the springs to come. 

Several years ago I received some beautiful double-flowering daffodils – white with yellow in part of the doubling. I believe them to be White Lion daffodils. For doubles they are quite sturdy. 

I keep hoping to receive some narcissus albus plenus odoratus … beautiful with a lovely fragrance. As our Exchanged Bulbs begin to bloom, I hope some Daffodilians will send me pictures so I can share them on this blog.

double daffodils

Beautiful white and yellow double daffodils (with traditional King Alfred types) from the Night of Narcissus Celebration 2010 bulb exchange.