Autumn . . . Again!

As I was walking along the newest section of the Earl Delaney Smith Memorial Nature Trail the other day, I stopped to admire the beautiful foliage. Looking out over the valley I couldn’t help thinking about all that has transpired in our little hamlet over the past months and realize it’s a lot to ponder! I’m reminded that we Daffodilians are a rugged lot, aren’t we?

And SO . . . just a quick note to wish you the happiest of Halloweens! And watch out for the little ones Trick or Treating tomorrow!

Be well!


View from the Nature Trail…magnificent, isn’t it?


If you are enjoying this beautiful day outside to get a jumpstart on your spring gardening chores, be careful! It’s a lovely day to be outside, but watch out for falling limbs if you are around trees! Grandma didn’t call those old dead limbs “widow makers” for no reason!

While I was out for a walk earlier, I saw Pops and Betty Wright working in their front gardens and they were transplanting daffodils. As we all know, autumn is the “real” time to plant daffodil bulbs, but, like many Daffodilians, Pops and Betty like to dig up some of their crowded daffodil clumps and divide them while they can see where their other daffodils are planted. Betty told me that each of the clumps the Pops has dug up today had no fewer than 37 smaller bulbs and they transplanted them all! Of course most of them won’t bloom this year, but they will in the future!

Enjoy the day! I’ve been talking with the Park Board so as we estimate the bloom times of the daffodils in the Township, we’ll have a better idea when our Daffodil Walks will be scheduled this spring. 🙂

Daffodils are popping up around the Township!

Daffodils are popping up around the Township!


Fun, Fun, Fun!

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

Wow! Was that an amazing Independence Day Celebration at Lake Lottawata? What fun! I think there were probably a tired bunch of kiddos crawling into bed a bit late on July 4th. What fun we all had. And it was exciting for me to get to talk with some visitors from around the state! One couple from St. Louis who was staying at Maisson Narcisse told me that she had never been to Daffodil Township before but this certainly would not be her last visit! She was quite emphatic about that! I told her about some of our celebrations and fun times coming up and she was especially interested in the Coffee & Clues Weekend sponsored by The Book House.

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

Fireworks at Lake Lottawata (photo courtesy of the Daffodil Gazette)

In other news … we’re going to have a new shop opening soonish! I don’t want to giveaway too much, but it should be a hit! I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. Be careful of rising waters in all the streams, creeks, and rivers. It gets very dangerous very quickly. When in doubt, be safe!

I hope you’re looking forward to our guest bloggers. We’re finalizing the line-up and it has a little something for everyone. Look for the first guess bloggers nearer to the end of July.


Beautiful Weather

Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am enjoying the outdoors! As you may have seen in the Daffodil Gazette, most of our daffodils around the Township are finishing their blooms…with a few late daffs hanging on. However, the Park Board decided to stick to the posted schedule for the Daffodil Walks for the next two weekends so everyone can enjoy the other numerous blooming plants throughout town.

Our walks have been a huge success! So what is blooming now? Wildflowers! Lilacs! Tulips! And, yes…some daffodils!


Late blooming daffodils....

Late blooming daffodils….


Wonderful Walks!

We have had some absolutely beautiful Daffodil Walks this spring! We have had a marvelous turnout for every walk ~ what a wonderful time visiting with friends and neighbors as we enjoy the great outdoors. I just HAD to share some photos I took over the weekend on the Saturday walks. Enjoy!

Oh, and the Park Board will decide about the rest of the Daffodil Walks this spring. Please check the Daffodil Gazette for an update on the status of the rest of the walks for this spring.

Daffodils  with viburnum "Korean Spicebush" in Daffodil Township Park

Daffodils with viburnum “Korean Spicebush” in Daffodil Township Park

"Tahiti" daffodils on the Daffodil Walk....

“Tahiti” daffodils on the Daffodil Walk….

Daffodil in Daffodil the Memorial Gardens

Daffodil in Daffodil the Memorial Gardens

Daffodil Walks

Ice Follies daffodil

Ice Follies daffodil

What beautiful Daffodil Walks we’ve been having in the Township! tomorrow should be another banner day for the walks! Our morning walk starts at Red Oak one block down from Main AND I am so pleased to be hosting Saturday’s park walk in the Memorial Gardens of Smith & Smith Funeral Services.

Many of you know that this business has been in my family for generations – and the Memorial Garden has been part of it since the beginning. It is a beautiful experience to walk among the memorials of our ancestors, knowing that we continue their traditions and carry their values with us.

The Park Walk begins at 9:30AM and the Residential Walk begins at 6:00PM. If you haven’t seen the daffodils in Daffodil Township yet you don’t know what you’re missing. They are stunning!

Happy Spring, Everyone!! 🙂

Daffodils in Daffodil Township

Daffodils in Daffodil Township

How Thankful Am I? Very!

What a wonderful town we live in! This morning I went out to the lake for a lovely walk…if you haven’t been outdoors yet today, you’re in for a treat! It’s lovely…with a promise of more warmth tomorrow. The lake was beautiful and peaceful and I was once again reminded how grateful I am to live in such a wonderful and caring community.

A peaceful walk by Lake Lottawata is the perfect way to begin the day.

A peaceful walk by Lake Lottawata is the perfect way to begin the day.

Then (of course!) I headed over to The Book House for Coffee & Clues. I’ve been reading the novel and have been completely charmed by the characters. My clue this morning was a bit “odd” to say the least…but the coffee was fragrant and delicious. I’ll go back over later today, but first I’m expecting friends for a quick bite of lunch. I found a delicious way to utilize leftovers ~ turkey pot pie! Doesn’t it look yummy?

Turkey pot pie and homemade cranberries - a perfect "day after Thanksgiving" lunch!

Turkey pot pie and homemade cranberries – a perfect “day after Thanksgiving” lunch!

A Walk in the Park

Everyone who knows me and is familiar with all the exciting happenings around Daffodil Township KNOWS that I am chomping at the bit to be able to talk about what is happening here in our little hamlet! But I can’t! Not quite yet. Soon, though. I promise!


Beautiful acorns!

Meanwhile…to calm myself and to stay in tune with our incredibly beautiful autumn, I took a much-needed walk in the park yesterday. Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park is beautiful any time of year, but I think autumn is my favorite time of year in that park. Maybe it is the lovely drive down Sweetgum Lane into there park…whatever it is, I love it!

Yesterday it seemed as if every squirrel in the park was rushing to put away food for the winter. They sort of reminded me of Petronella “Pickles” Smith and her preserved bounty! I couldn’t help but take a quick photo of some of the acorns the squirrels were rushing to pack away for winter.

I should be able to “spill the beans” about our happenings about town very soon! Stay posted to find out more about the excitement brewing in Daffodil Township! Until then, get outside and enjoy our beautiful autumn! We’ve been blessed with amazing weather and beautiful colors this year.

Life in Daffodil Township is grand!

Lightening Bugs


Monarda in the park.

Did you see the lightening bugs last night? What a show! Or do you call them fireflies? Either way, they put on a remarkable display yesterday evening throughout Daffodil Township. Simply beautiful. (As is the monarda blooming in the park.) Also … as I was out walking (what a hot and humid evening to walk!) a lot of people asked about the “news” they had heard. Well…

…stay tuned!

Summer Solstice!

squirrel in Daffodil Township

A young squirrel scurries up a tree in the Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park, Daffodil Township MO

Don’t forget the Summer Solstice Celebration this weekend at the Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park!

You can sign up for Lawn Chess or the Bubble Blowing Competition when you arrive, HOWEVER, teams must be registered before tomorrow for the Croquet Tournament! You can register either at the Book House or Daffodil Baking Company.

Hope to see you there as we kick off summer fun in Daffodil Township!