If you’re like me, this cooler weather isn’t quite the harbinger of summer I’ve been hoping for. None the less, I found a silver lining when I dropped in on Richard at the Daffodil Baking Company.

He has artisan marshmallows!

Richard told me that it doesn’t have to be autumn to roast marshmallows and he said that he “simply cannot abide the store-bought, mass-produced schlock that pass for marshmallows.”

Artisan Marshmallows from Daffodil Baking Company

Artisan Marshmallows from Daffodil Baking Company

But it’s Richard, so I thought maybe there might be a teensy bit of exaggeration in his statement – you know how he gets when talking about the quality ingredients for his baked good, right? But then I tasted them! Wow! There is definitely a richness to the artisan marshmallows that I haven’t tasted in the mass-produced ones.

So … as long as it doesn’t rain this evening, I’m planning on a fire in my chiminea and then I’ll roast some delectable marshmallows!

BTW: Richard says he won’t be carrying the artisan marshmallows all summer, but he will bring them back this fall in time for “bonfire weather.”


PS – Many thanks to everyone for your patience as all of us Daffodilians continue to regain our footing!

Autumn Is Upon Us

Autumn color welcomes visitors to Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park, 2211 Sweetgum Lane.

Entrance to Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park

Don’t you sometimes want to rush outside this time of year and yell at the trees: “No fair peaking!” As I walk around our lovely Township, I have to remind myself not to worry about whether or not the beautiful colors are peaking!

So let’s simply enjoy today. The reds and golds will soon give way to bare branches, but they are beautiful now. Remember that! 🙂


Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Leaves

Rainy Daze!

So far we’ve had another wet summer, haven’t we? And all this rain (and more rain ~ and even more rain!) is giving folks a few headaches…seems like we’re in a bit of a DAZE!

With all the creeks and streams around the Township running high, please remember: NEVER drive into water over a road. NEVER wade into a flooded waterway. The current can be much swifter than it looks!

Waterways are flooding around Daffodil Township

Waterways are flooding around Daffodil Township

Be safe!

AND – keep your fingers crossed for bright and sunny weather for the Summer Solstice Celebration this Sunday! Check the Daffodil Gazette for details!

Beautiful Spring!

Acting Mayor of Daffodil Township: Paula Smith

Acting Mayor of Daffodil Township: Paula Smith

Hello, again! 🙂

It HAS been a beautiful spring, hasn’t it? The perfect combination of sunshine and rain has gotten the gardens around town off to a great start.

So if you’re anything like me, you have been enjoying our wonderful weather and balmy breezes around the Township! But please, as spring rolls into summer, don’t forget:

Safety First!

I know I might sound like a nagging mother, but as Daffodil Township’s Acting Mayor, I want to remind everyone:

  • Sunscreen!
  • Insect repellent ~ and always check for ticks!
  • Keep hydrated
  • Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Always watch children in pools and lakes ~ and be aware of the needs of others if you see swimmers getting tired.
  • Don’t leave pets in cars
  • Drive safely

Daffodilians are wonderful folks who are always ready with a helping hand…don’t hesitate to ask. And enjoy the summer!

Oh…and send in your garden photos so I can share them in this blog!

Beautiful Weather

Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

Wildflowers: Spring Beauty

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am enjoying the outdoors! As you may have seen in the Daffodil Gazette, most of our daffodils around the Township are finishing their blooms…with a few late daffs hanging on. However, the Park Board decided to stick to the posted schedule for the Daffodil Walks for the next two weekends so everyone can enjoy the other numerous blooming plants throughout town.

Our walks have been a huge success! So what is blooming now? Wildflowers! Lilacs! Tulips! And, yes…some daffodils!


Late blooming daffodils....

Late blooming daffodils….


Is It Spring Yet…?

DSC00910If you’re anything like me you are checking the ten day forecast every few hours. Does that sound familiar? We still have a couple more days of cold and then finally a little bit of a break…high in the fifties to the sixties! And you know what that means? Time to keep checking on the growth of the daffodils. 🙂

I’m sure some folks get tired of hearing me say this every spring, but I love the tenacity and resilience of daffodils. No matter what Mother Nature throws at them ~ every spring they are back. Beautiful and fragrant and just waiting to make us smile.

Be sure to start snapping some photos of YOUR daffodils when they start to bloom and send them to me so we can share the beauty!


Snow Days!

What a beautiful, quiet snowfall! Have you been outside? Bitter cold, but lovely. The soft snow muffles the sounds…and it doesn’t seem like there are even many sounds to muffle! I took a brisk walk in Daffodil Township Park. Decided not to stay and sit on the bench, though!

Stay warm and toasty! And don’t forget to be kind to our feathered and furry friends in this cold weather!

A quiet blanket of snow covers Daffodil Township Park.

A quiet blanket of snow covers Daffodil Township Park.

Grey Skies!

Is anyone else in Daffodil Township tired of grey skies? I’m hoping we get a little sun peaking through later today or tomorrow! Meanwhile, I decided to head down to Daffodil Baking Company to see what Richard is pulling out of his ovens…and was I wonderfully surprised!


Snickerdoodles from Daffodil Baking Company ~ Uncle Fletch's Special Snickerdoodle Recipe

Snickerdoodles from Daffodil Baking Company ~ Uncle Fletch’s Special Snickerdoodle Recipe

What a great way to brush away the clouds. Snickerdoodles always remind me of good times spent with Uncle Fletch. I’m sure many of you remember Uncle Fletch, don’t you? Fletcher C. Wright returned home to Daffodil Township after living “away” for a number of years. He was kind and generous and always willing to reach out and help someone in need. While he never talked about his time living away from Daffodil Township, all of us youngsters enjoyed making up “possibles” ~ as in: “It’s POSSIBLE he was away at war.” Or: “It’s POSSIBLE he was in prison.” Or: “It’s POSSIBLE he was on the run from the Mob!”

Even though he was really no one’s uncle by blood (that we know of) – we all called him Uncle Fletch – and one of things he enjoyed doing the most was baking cookies. And his favorite? Snickerdoodles. He always told us he couldn’t possibly eat all the snickerdoodles he baked and so he needed to share them with us. In fact, he always told us we were doing him a favor by helping him eat the snickerdoodles!

Richard uses Uncle Fletch’s recipe. What great memories.

A Walk in the Park

Everyone who knows me and is familiar with all the exciting happenings around Daffodil Township KNOWS that I am chomping at the bit to be able to talk about what is happening here in our little hamlet! But I can’t! Not quite yet. Soon, though. I promise!


Beautiful acorns!

Meanwhile…to calm myself and to stay in tune with our incredibly beautiful autumn, I took a much-needed walk in the park yesterday. Adelaide T. Smith Memorial Park is beautiful any time of year, but I think autumn is my favorite time of year in that park. Maybe it is the lovely drive down Sweetgum Lane into there park…whatever it is, I love it!

Yesterday it seemed as if every squirrel in the park was rushing to put away food for the winter. They sort of reminded me of Petronella “Pickles” Smith and her preserved bounty! I couldn’t help but take a quick photo of some of the acorns the squirrels were rushing to pack away for winter.

I should be able to “spill the beans” about our happenings about town very soon! Stay posted to find out more about the excitement brewing in Daffodil Township! Until then, get outside and enjoy our beautiful autumn! We’ve been blessed with amazing weather and beautiful colors this year.

Life in Daffodil Township is grand!

Rain! (Finally….)

Rain drops hit deck boards

Rain drops hit deck boards

If you’re anything like me you’ve been wondering if we’re going to see rain before the Autumnal Equinox. Well…here it is!

Why is it that we seem to fear getting wet in the rain? Do you remember running around in the rain as a child? I do. We would dance and jump – what a wonderful, free feeling. We created several games to play in the rain. In one, the designated counter (“it” I suppose) would count aloud the raindrops falling into a puddle and at some point would yell “Jump!” ~ at which point we would all jump and then turn and run from the puddle the number of steps “it” had counted. That was all! When we got to the number we all stopped and turned around, looked at each other and laughed. I have no idea why we had such fun with that made-up game, but we did!

Do you have a great rainy day memory? What do you like to do on rainy days now?

Enjoy your day!